TEAM Italia, an international leader in the navigation electronics sector for mega and maxi yachts, has developed a carefully planned maintenance program which enables it to deal with yachts fitted with
I-BRIDGE systems when they are at sea.
OCEAN REMOTE SUPPORT groups together a set of exclusive program which, thanks to intensive, specialized, preventive maintenance activity on the NAV–COM systems, is able to keep them running efficiently and consequently increase their lifecycle.

TEAM Italia’s professional experts have studied a range of solutions which can be placed at the service of Captains and Owners anywhere in the world.


Shore Based Support (SBS)

With SBS we offer a help desk where you can find all the support you need to identify the problem and to solve it in the best and quickest way facilitated by our experts. We coordinate, provide and perform maintenance and onboard service all over the world. For your peace of mind, we keep records of your onboard system equipment specifications and we schedule the services that need to be executed before their expiring date.

  • Helpdesk 1° level support
  • Global service coordination
  • Service and parts delivery
  • Central service database
  • Management of service Agreements
  • Service reporting and analysis
  • Advice on preventing maintenance and efficiency improvement
  • Online supply and update
  • Technical info management for NAV-COM rules requests
  • Up to 10 hrs. of phone support for technical troubleshooting

Preventive Annual Maintenance (PAM)

With this servise we will take care of the full NAV-COM equipment lifecycle by offering a planned service program in order to prevent faults and failures by monitoring, maintaining and repairing your appliances. We schedule together with you and considering your Yacht program when and where to come onboard to carry out technical services, inspections, tests and ordinary maintenance of equipment as per maker’s indications to ensure best equipment performance. A regular check of your equipment helps improve their life cycle.

  • Pre-season navigation equipment check-up
  • Annual Gyro service maintenance
  • Chart update installation (chart excluded)
  • Charting SW maintenance and update (last release available)
  • i-Bridge SW maintenance and update (last release available)
  • V-Sat and internet connectivity performance test
  • Pre-season radio equipment check-up
  • Annual onboard training
  • SART maintenance test
  • EPIRB maintance test
  • Special rate for required extra service
  • Additional 10 hrs. of phone support for trubleshooting
  • Express shipment worldwide

Remote Diagnostic System (RDS)

We have a dedicated staff to give you support anywhere by accessing your Yacht system and monitoring data to make possible a diagnosis of the problem; our navigation, communication and monitoring experts are able to directly intervene and make a diagnosis of the system remotely avoiding waiting time for a not scheduled urgent onboard service.

  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting support for:
    • Navigation system
    • Communication system
    • IT system
    • i-Bridge
    • Monitoring system
    • Machinery connected to monitoring system
    • Datalogger (if present)
    • Chart system (diagnostic and update)
  • i-Bridge SW update
  • Monitoring SW update, if TEAM Italia/Onyx (last release available)
  • V-Sat/Internet performance test
  • Bandwidth management
  • Boat Connection Manager (if present)
  • Pre-season navigation equipment remote check-up
  • Pre-season monitoring equipment, if TEAM Italia/Onyx remote check-up

Warranty Extension (WEXT)

Let us take care of all unexpected repairs worldwide. The Warranty Extension gives you maximum reassurance after your product warranty has run out, indeed it is a service contract that protracts warranty in addition to the standard warranty on NAV-COM system. You can extend your warranty to up to 3 years.

  • One year extension after warranty expires
  • Two years extension after warranty expires
  • Three years extension after warranty expires

Spare Parts Kit (SPK)

Even when your Yacht is in a remote location, you can have your Spare Kit assured onboard and all the online assistance from our experts. A dedicated Spare Parts Kit is assembled depending on your NAV-COM onboard equipment and supplied to you before leaving for your cruise.

  • The benefits of this service are:
  • Minimized downtime in case of equipment failure
  • Installation reliability with already tested parts
  • Your own stock of spare parts, right for your system, for quick service work
  • Online support (in case of SBS agreement)
  • Follow up on the service performed for a further check.

Onboard Service

A staff of experts provides clients with specific support and technical assistance on NAV-COM equipment.


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